Experience...Josh Davis and his team personally screen and train every clinician to bring you an exciting well-run program. Josh has been mentoring and coaching athletes into top-quality clinicians for more than fifteen years.

Olympians...You can choose from dozens of Olympians and National Team members to lead your clinic, many of whom lead only our clinic.

Medalists...Our clinicians are highly decorated world-record holders, world champions and Olympic medalist who share their passion and medals with your swimmers.

Technique...Our program is complete and engaging. In additional to the athletes' personal stories and the importance of nutrition, attitude and goal setting, we teach all four strokes, starts, turns and, of course, streamline.

Fun...Our Olympians are just like your swimmers. They love to race! Even though we bring a lot of technique work and tough love, we never forget swimming is meant to be fun.

Peronal Service...Your club's experience with us is our priority. Josh and his team do whatever they can to make a positive, long-lasting impact on your swimmers. From athlete selection to fundraising initiatives and promotion, they help you every step of the way.

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